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Walkera Voyager 4 Aircraft With Devo-f8w Transmitter, 4k 18x Optical Zoom Camera, Aluminum Case

What’s in the box:
Walkera Voyager 4 Aircraft
DEVO-F8W Transmitter
4K /18X Optical Zoom Camera
2x battery
Aluminum Case Package
English Manual & CD
Walkera Warranty
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About Walkera Voyager 4
Real-time HD image transmission 4K HD video recording
Adopting the 5.8Ghz HD digital image transmission technology, characterizing a faster transferring response, lower latency and stronger anti-interference ability is achieved.

3-Axis brushless gimbal

Advanced shock absorber technology ensures stable images
An advanced shock absorbability gimbal technology which greatly reduced vibration and movement during flight, enabling the camera to capture stabilized and fluid footage even after increasing the focal length.


Ultra light material
VOYAGER 4 aircraft adopts an ultra-light carbon fiber material design, substantially reducing aircraft weight as well as improving operational efficiency.

High performance system
Power performance has improved 40% thanks to the use of high efficiency blades and high performance brushless motors. In designing the VOYAGER 4 power system, we have incorporated a brand-new brushless motors and propeller design, greatly improving the efficiency of the motors.

Intelligent power management system
A large capacity battery, along with a built-in intelligent power management system, greatly enhances flight safety. VOYAGER 4’s standard large capacity battery, support for flight times up to 20 mins and APP built-in low-voltage alarm and power management, all contribute to a more enjoyable flying experience.

Retractable landing gear
The Voyager 4 features retractable landing gear, which provides a 360 deg camera unobstructed view while lending the drone a slim, stylish appearance.

Gimbal & Camera

18x optical zoom camera, enabling the object nearer to you
18x optical zoom camera can meet your needs for long distance aerial photography and videography. This fully satisfies professional long distance requirements and environment flight limitations. Voyager 4 sports a 4K camera capable of recording a border field of vision and fluid vision 4K at 30fps.

A newly designed 3-Axis brushless gimbal enables stabilized footage
Advanced shock absorbability gimbal technology greatly reduces vibration and movement during flight, enabling the camera to capture stabilized and fluid footage even at higher zoom magnifications.

18X optical zoom camera
The 18x optical zoom camera along with advanced 3-axis brushless stabilization technology ensures smooth, shake-free movie and still capture. Additionally, sophisticated algorithims are employed by the camera to maintain maximum sharpness and color fidelity in both close and distant viewing.

Comprehensive Walkera APP
With the powerful Walkera APP, you can control the camera angle by clicking and dragging the screen and achieve picture compositing easily. Adjusting field of vision parameters is easily done through touch, with the ease and convenience of a standard camera. You can also easily control recording, photographing and other higher settings, enabling an extraordinary aerial photography experience.

Remote Controller

A brand-new remote designed especially for aerial photography.
There are 18 channels which support custom functions to meet your requirements.

LIVE HD video transmission
The DEVO-F18 remote has an advanced integrated HD image module with a transmission distance up to 1KM. It adopts 5.8Ghz HD digital image transmission technology, resulting in a faster transferring response, lower latency and reduced interference.

Long battery endurance
With the built-in 3000 mAh rechargeable battery, you can fly many times without worrying about running out of battery. Intelligent power indicator on the remote controller indicates the remaining power quantity, with an alarm automatically alerting you when the battery is low.

Brand new remote controller for aerial photography
One-click fool proof design avoids unnecessary losses caused by a user’s accidental input. An integrated gimbal control button gives you enhanced camera angle control for extraordinarily beautiful aerial shots.

By downloading WALKERA Drone ground control software from APP Store, you can enjoy the infinite flight and aerial photography pleasure with VOYAGER 4 and share your excitement with your friends at the same time.

Real time sharing
Your videos or photos can be automatically shared to social platforms. There is no need to wait time to download and compress. Videos can be cast automatically and high quality original films can be downloaded easily.

Resource management
The built-in image and video management system in APP can achieve real-time save, real-time sharing and centralized management.

Industry Application

Fire rescue
Unmanned aerial vehicle can help make fire investigation, look for fire points and provide real-time air omni-directional stereo images for rescue sites. It will provide a basis for on-site command personnel to make better decisions.

Police reconnaissance
• Public security maintenance
• Counter-terrorism security
• Sudden mass incidents aerial reconnaissance and record

Forest fire detection
VOYAGER 4 can be applied to forest fire rescue, fire observation, including the fire outline, area and spread and provide in this way strong data support for fire rescue.

Environmental monitoring
VOYAGER 4 drone can be applied to the field atmospheric and urban air quality.

Electric power emergency
VOYAGER 4 can be applied to electric power maintenance, emergency rescue

Customs inspection
VOYAGER 4 can be applied to round-the-clock customs inspection, patrol in high-risk area and supervision of border smuggling, drug trafficking, illegal entry and other illegal problem.

Border patrol
• Long range and high altitude reconnaissance in military area
• Low-cost usage and maintenance
• Night flight, high-altitude reconnaissance under low visibility and low altitude flight mission