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Yataro Authentic Japanese Chisel Set (3 Piece)

Sharpened at the factory, this three-piece chisel set is hand-forged from a combination of soft and high carbon hard steels. Hollowed back reduces the friction with the workpiece.
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The cutting blade is tempered to HRC63 hardness to ensure a long lived edge. The handle is made of Japanese red oak, well balanced. Please read the instructions on the packaging before using this chisel set. *Important Notice* 1. Do not use the grinding machine to sharpen this chisel, grinding machines may chip the cutting edge. Please use waterstone to sharpen the chisel. 2.When pulling the chisel out of the workpiece, avoid moving it front and back, wiggle it from left to right instead.

  • Blade Width: 9mm(~ 3/8"), 12mm(~ 1/2"), 15mm(~ 5/8")
  • Hand-forged laminated Japanese High-Carbon steel, HRC63 hardness
  • Single hollow ground back, less contact area with workpiece
  • Akagashi (Japanese Red Oak) handle with heavy duty steel ring, well balanced
  • Sharpened at factory, imported from Japan

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