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Oneida Air Systems AXD000009 Ultimate Dust Deputy Kit for Festool

HEAVY DUTY - This Dust Deputy kit captures over 99% of airborne dust and debris and contains it in a large 9-gallon Systainer compatible bin.
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Woodworking Equipment
Product Type:
Dust Collectors
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  • HIGH EFFICIENCY - Separates larger debris and finer dust particles. The UDD virtually eliminates filter clogging and suction loss - if youre woodworking, drywalling, or renovating, this kit can save you valuable time and money.
  • WET OR DRY - Compatible with nearly any wet/dry vacuum with a 50-150 CFM rating.
  • EASY WASTE DISPOSAL - Plastic bag hold-down system allows for easy mess-free waste disposal.
  • PATENTED DESIGN - Patented Dust Deputy cyclone separator (industrial static conductive model). Includes cyclone separator, 9-gallon Systainer compatible waste bin, liner bag retainer system, connection hose, and hardware.

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