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Mophorn Air Hydraulic Pump 10000 PSI 1/2

Mophorn Air Hydraulic Pump 10000 PSI 1/2 Gal Reservoir Hydraulic Foot Pump Air Treadle Foot Actuated Hydraulic Pump for Auto Body Frame Machines and Pulling Post (10000 PSI 1/2 Gal Reservoir).
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Air Tool (Pneumatic Tools)
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Air Tool Oil
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10000 PSI Capacity Air Over Hydraulic Foot Pump Air Actuated Hydraulic Treadle Pump

Introduction :

This 10000 PSI Air Treadle Pump 98 cubic inch Reservoir Efficiently operate any single-acting rams up to 55 ton capacity in many industrial and construction applications. Provides up to 10,000 PSI with standard shop air supply of 90-175 PSI. User friendly foot-actuated design for easy control of moving fluid at tremendous rat. Use 3/8 inch NPT fluid coupler. Made of durable light weight corrosion-free aluminum. Built-in pressure by-pass system protects overload operation.

Technical Datas

Type: Air Powered Hydraulic Pump

Action: Single acting

Control: Foot pedal pump - Release pressure to return fluid

Reservoir capacity: 1/2 gallon

Shell Material: Strengthen the aluminum alloy

Fuel tank capacity: 91.5 cubic inches/1.5L

Maximum oil output: 1.3L

The oil pressure: 75mpa

Air Pressure Rating: 90-175 PSI

Pressure range: 0.5 or more

Maximum adjustable pressure: 10,000 psi / 700 kg / cm3

Output oil: 98 cubic inches / 1.6 liters

The oil hole: 3/8NPTF connection

Intake: 1/4 NPT connection

Total mass: 8.0kg


Ideal all-around power source develops 10,000 PSI at 100 PSI air

Release lock plate so operator can release and remove foot as release / return takes effect.

3 pedal functions, Apply pressure, Hold Pressure, Release pressure.

Quiet smooth operation, brass air muffler for low operating noise.

Applications Include:

Heavy Machinery Rigging and Moving, Auto Repair, Oil Rigging, Machine maintenance

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