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Butane Torch Black Dragon

Butane Torch Black Dragon (Black) Heavy Duty Micro Blow Torch for Soldering-Big Tank- Plumbing- Refillable Butane Torch- Jewelry-Torch for Home and Kitchen-Adjustable Flame-Metalsmithing-Brazing
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Hand Tools
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Blow Torch
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  • UNLEASH THE BEAST POWER The Black Dragon is a mythological creature known for their Powerful Fire Breath and Strong Force. This torch earns its name, we are sure is one of the most powerful torches you will find and you wont regret it.
  • STRONG AND TOP PERFORMANCE- Its STRONG design makes the torch very powerful to use, and with the flame valve the user can control and have different beast flames, a forcefull flame capable of melting rough materials or a smooth flame for top notch shores tha require great detail, go ahead and test it by yourself and prepare to be impressed. The beast powerful flame will adjust to suit every task you need!
  • EASY AND COMFORTABLE TO USE+FREE EBOOK-Dominate the Beast inside, its smooth design makes the torch very comfortable to use, and with flame lock the user can have a continuous flame without needing to be holding the ignition button all the time, giving the user more control and worry free time, its handy design is made to help hard working shores become easy. PLUS Includes a free ebook for your entretainment.
  • PROFESSIONAL POWERFUL FLAME This high quality and strong torch can give the results that a true professional requires. Includes adjustable temperature control and adjustable flame potency handle that can help you work for a long period of time All these amazing features concentrated in one powerful torch lighter and the best thing, at the palm of your hand.
  • BUILT TO LAST GUARANTEED! We have a lot of customers that love this torch so much that we are sure you are going to love it. 2 Year guarantee, "no questions asked" policy for the first 30 days with a money back/replacement guarantee and impeccable customer service that will work around the clock to keep you satisfied. (Shipped without gas for safety).

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